Nicki Minaj Corrects Fan Over "Lie" About Karol G "Tusa" Collab

Someone suggested that another artist passed on the track before it landed on Minaj’s desk, revisiting an age-old Cardi B rumor.

It’s a fiery season for Nicki Minaj as she lays all her cards on the table. In recent days, there has been an influx of Minaj-related content due to the Rap icon shooting off hot takes on social media. She received pushback over her remarks about PNB Rock’s murder, and later, she returned to stand ten toes down on her comments. Then, she revealed that she would be seeking defamation lawsuits against three bloggers who allegedly spread lies about her, and today (September 14), the first was named.

On Twitter, Minaj is calling out Marley Green, also known by the moniker “Nosey Heaux,” but amid all of the chaos, the rapper also addressed a fan who tweeted about “Tusa.” 

The Karol G collaboration was a massive international success for both artists, and the fan posted a clip of a performance and added, “Imagine passing on this song.” It was suggested some time ago that Cardi B hinted that she passed on the track, although, she never explicitly said so. Minaj’s fans ran with it, turning it into another viral moment aimed at pitting the two rappers against one another.

“The fact that y’all believed that dopey fkng lie?!? LMAO,” Minaj wrote as a response. “That’s exactly why I’m checkin everything IMMEDIATELY from now on. Who?? Passed on what?? This isn’t even the 1st song Karol sent me. I asked her for ANOTHER song AFTER the 1st option & when she sent this I LOVED it [heart smiling emoji].”

Check it out below.