Newest Talent On The Block: Alice The G00N Drops New Single “Who Do You Love?”

Singer, songwriter and producer Alice The G00N is coming in strong with her debut release called “Who Do You Love?,” a funky electronic masterpiece set to take any listener away from boring reality.

It’s obvious why we believe Alice The G00N has a lot of potential and it’s all due to her incredible talent as a singer and songwriter, especially when it comes to the different ways of writing and composing unique music. One original way she composes her music is through getting inspiration from different mediums including video games. She has described her latest single as one of those songs that plays while fighting with the evil boss at the very end of a game.

A beautifully mixed song, “Who Do You Love?” is totally self-produced by the multitalented artist and The G00N is looking to drop new songs on a regular basis. The rhythmic melodies of the song take the listener to a futuristic place that’s inspired by all the good nostalgic shows, movies and music. You can find her music on every streaming service ready to be streamed and purchased!

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