Memphis Rapper EBG Ejizzle Locked Up On Murder Charges


Rapper, EBG Ejizzle, was charged and arrested with murder, again.

Up-and-coming Memphis rapper EBG Ejizzle, known for his beef with Pooh Shiesty, has been charged and arrested for attempted first-degree murder over an altercation dated January 14, 2020. He is currently being detained in the Memphis county prison, where he will appear in court today (September 14) at 9 A.M.

Details regarding the allegations against the “Jizzle Flow” rapper are scarce as of now.

EBG Ejizzle is no stranger to murder charges and recently walked free after beating a previous allegation in 2020. The Memphis rapper spoke about his previous altercations, during an interview with Cam Capone News.

“I got locked up on a murder charge in 2020 and I just beat that this year though,” The Memphis rapper said during the interview. “As soon as they gave me the bond, I made that muthafucka.”

EBG Ejizzle stated that as soon as he was told about the bond he immediately paid it in full, ranging from around $100,000 to $150,000. He was then released in under a week.

EBG later said the case was dropped due to someone failing to testify in court.

“They dropped the case, but it was a deal. At first they was trying to give me a deal for probation, but I was like, ‘Hell nah, I’m not finna take… if y’all offering me probation then y’all tryna say that I murdered a muthafucka.’ I can’t have no evidence, so I was like, ‘Hell nah.’”

The rapper was also charged with attempted murder at the age of 13 and later received a juvenile life sentence at 16, which he managed to elude.


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