Matt Barnes' Twins Joke About Dad Handling Pete Davidson For Kanye West

The boys joked, “If you ever need someone to roll up on Pete Davidson, my dad has a good history about that.”

NBA icon Matt Barnes’s twin boys may have careers in comedy after they dropped jokes at their famous father’s expense. Barnes shares his boys with ex-wife Gloria Govan, and many years ago, the world was first introduced to little Isaiah and Carter while on Basketball Wives. They have certainly lived a life under a microscope, especially after their parents have had some tenuous, viral moments and legal battles, but all seems to be calm on the co-parenting front these days.

However, years ago, news surfaced that Barnes was at odds with Govan’s beau Derek Fisher and drove 95 miles to fight him. It’s a story that has gone down in pop culture history, and now young Carter and Isaiah are revisiting the tale while offering up a report about Kanye West.

In a clip that was shared by The Neighborhood Talk, the boys are seen giving their updates about Kanye West backing out of his Coachella performance. They mentioned West going through a divorce with Kim Kardashian and having “all that paperwork” to deal with, adding that the “Pete Davidson situation” could also be a contributor.

“Oh yeah, and Kanye, if you ever need someone to roll up on Pete Davidson, my dad has a good history about that,” Isaiah joked. “So, if you ever need [someone], just get at cha boy. He got you.” Carter chimed in, “Indeed he does.” We’re not sure if Barnes will follow through if West makes a request, but the joke has amused fans. Check it out below.