Lil Nas X Says the Music Industry Sanitizes Gay Artists’ Sexuality

Lil Nas X music industry sanitizes sexuality

Photo Credit: Fabebk / CC by 4.0

Lil Nas X says the music industry forces queer artists to sanitize their sexuality – and he’s not about it.

In a recent interview with CBS Sunday Morning, the rapper spoke about his career. He found overnight success with his hit “Old Town Road,” and subsequently came out to the world. He explains he felt like it was the most authentic thing to do at the time.

“It’s like, I’m not doing it for attention. I’m already like the number one artist in the world right now,” Lil Nas X says. Since coming out by writing a letter to his younger self, Lil Nas X has been unapologetic about his sexuality. He also says that has put him at odds with the music industry.

“I feel like I’m definitely much more ‘out there’ with it,” Lil Nas X continues. “It’s always been, ‘OK, if you’re gay, this needs to be sanitized. Let’s not include anything sexual.’ It’s like, ‘Be gay without being gay. We don’t wanna know what happens behind closed doors, or we don’t want you to express that. I’m saying that I’m gonna dot hat if I want to. And I want every other artist to feel the same way.”

Lil Nas X even discussed his idea behind the Satan Shoes and why he made them – as a joke.

“Well you know the saying, you know, ‘gay people go to hell,’ or anybody in the LGBT community? So it’s like, ‘Okay, I’m goin’ to Hell.’ I went to Hell!” the rapper laughs. “And now people are like, ‘Oh my god, I can’t believe he did that!’ But wasn’t I going there anyway? Why are you upset about that?”

Lil Nas X is only 22, but says he doesn’t know what’s next for him. “It’s going to be incredible. I’m excited for new music. I don’t know what the heck I’m gonna do yet. But it’s gonna be a fun career and a fun life.”