Lil Kim's "Husband" Mr. Papers Trolls 50 Cent With "All Things Fall Apart" Memes

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Fif dropped over 50 pounds for the 2011 role, resulting in his thin frame becoming the subject of Mr. Paper’s jokes after 50 Cent trolled Kim.

He may have deleted his post about Lil Kim, but 50 Cent is feeling the wrath of Mr. Papers. Fif has often cracked jokes at the expense of his peers, but Lil Kim has made it clear that she does not appreciate his antics. Back in July, 50 Cent shared a meme about the pint-size Rap icon, and she quickly reacted, suggesting that he has been in his feelings after she rejected him years ago.

That exchange did not keep the Power mogul from targeting Lil Kim once again and this time, she once again didn’t hold back. “Can we say obsessed with Kimmie much… Keep ’em coming boo boo only let’s me know I’m on ur brain 24/7 I love it!”

Lil Kim
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She also added, “Get off my p*ssy Curtis… P.S. why do I feel like im in a lesbian quarrel didn’t know I had a girlfriend named Curtis… somebody crushin hard we’ll get thru this babes.”

Now, Kim’s “husband” Mr. Papers has entered the chat with a few jabs of his own. He shared images from All Things Fall Apart, the 2011 film starring Fif. At the time, 50 Cent dropped over 50 pounds for the role and over the years, it has been the go-to joke for the Rap mogul’s foes.

“Old man lost all that weight for nothing [popcorn emoji],” Mr. Papers wrote in the caption to a meme that reads, “Remember when 50 cent loss all that weight to play a cancer patient and STILL nobody saw the movie.” He wasn’t quite finished, because Papers also uploaded a scene where Fif’s character, Deon, was having a heart-to-heart moment with Bee, portrayed by legendary actress Lynn Whitfield. In the clip, Deon is seen crying about his illness.

“Now this sh*t is funny old man @50cent,” Papers added. His comment sections have been a mixed bag. Check out his posts below.