LeBron James Looks Dapper At Jewish Wedding In New York

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

LeBron is making good use of his time off.

LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers did not have a particularly good season. Fans expected them to make it to the Western Conference Finals, however, they ended up becoming the biggest disappointment in the entire league. This is a roster that had it all but they squandered it, and now, there are questions concerning whether or not LeBron and company can win a title, ever again.

LeBron has admitted that not being in the playoffs has hurt him deeply, however, he is still making good use of time away from the game. He has gone on family vacations, and more recently, he was in New York City where he got to look as dapper as ever.

LeBron James

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

As you can see down below, LeBron was actually at a Jewish wedding where he got to meet Rabbi Pinto. Following the meeting, the Rabbi took to Twitter where he was quite excited about the opportunity to meet with someone like LeBron.

“American basketball player James LeBron met last night with the Rebbe Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto, the leader of Shuva Yisrael, and talked with him @KingJames length,” Rabbi Pinto wrote.

According to israelhayom.com, the wedding was for the son of Jay Schottenstein who owns American Eagle. It was also revealed that in the past, LeBron has contributed to Rabbi Pinto’s Shuva Israel organization. 

Either way, it seems like everyone was having a good time, which is really all that matters.