Key Glock Shares Photo After Visiting Young Dolph Mural

Bennett Raglin/Getty Images

Key Glock visited the beautiful mural for Young Dolph in Los Angeles and shared a photo.

Key Glock has remained relatively silent as he mourns the passing of his music partner and cousin, Memphis rapper Young Dolph, who provided so many opportunities for Glizzock to grow into the premier vocalist that he is today. Glock likely wouldn’t be in this position had he not come up with Dolph as his mentor, and we can’t imagine how difficult this time is for the rapper.

Following Dolph’s murder last year, Glock shared a touching message to his fans, speaking on what his cousin meant to him as a person and an artist. Several weeks have passed and Glock is making sure to keep Dolph in his thoughts every day. On Monday, he shared a picture from the beautiful mural of Dolph in Los Angeles, which was painted after his death. 

Prince Williams/Getty Images

During our recent interview with producer Bandplay, who worked extensively with Dolph and Glock, he revealed that he has been keeping in touch with Glock, saying, “[Key Glock] is doing better, but it’s going to be hard for all of us because it’s still fresh. I don’t really think Glock has gotten back into the studio yet, but I do know he’s planning to do some stuff here pretty soon.”

Bandplay also revealed that a Dum And Dummer 3 project from Dolph and Glock is already complete.

Check out Key Glock’s picture from Young Dolph‘s mutual below. Long Live Dolph.