Kevin Durant Hilariously Claps Back At Fan Who Can't Catch A Break

Elsa/Getty Images

KD doesn’t let anything past him.

Kevin Durant is someone who has no problems when it comes to being petty on the internet. Everyone knows that KD likes to engage with his fans and his haters online, although he definitely engages with the hate more than the love. After being caught with a burner account five years ago, KD has transitioned to clapping back on his main account, and it has undoubtedly provided fans with some great entertainment over these past few years.

More recently, KD got into a small beef with a random fan who felt as though his inconveniences from this morning were worth getting at KD about. As you can see in the tweet below, the fan wrote “Car wouldn’t start this morning, get to work late and our internet is down. Lol. I love this shit. Unlike @KDTrey5 I actually enjoy taking the hardest road…it’s basically just problem-solving practice.”

Kevin Durant

Elsa/Getty Images

The tweet was completely unnecessary and just felt like a parody of those “told my landlord to raise my rent so that I can get my grind up” tweets. KD clearly felt the same way as he clapped back at the fan by writing “U enjoy having a shitty car and getting to work and not being able to connect to the internet?”

It was a pretty good response considering just how absurd the premise of the hater’s tweet was. If your car won’t start and your internet won’t work, the last person on your mind should be Kevin Durant.

Either way, this is Twitter, so you can’t expect anyone to act rationally.