Kash Doll & Tracy T Welcome Their First Child, Kashton Prophet Richardson, Together

Prince Williams/Getty Images

Kash Doll previously told followers hating on her child’s name to “let [her] be ghetto in peace.”

Tracy T and Kash Doll have joined the parents club. The two recording artists welcomed their baby boy – named Kashton Prophet Richardson – on January 6th at 9:36 PM, according to Baby Names.

The “No Lames” rapper first shared the news of her pregnancy in September of 2021, dropping off a series of tasteful nudes that showcased her growing bump. “The Lord just keep on blessing me,” she wrote at the time. “Look it’s a baby in there, and today it’s the BMF premiere. I’m so overwhelmed with joy.”

When sharing the good news, Kash Doll didn’t hold back on expressing her joy. “Call me crazy but I think I found the love of my life,” she gushed. “(I’ve never felt this way before y’all, somebody finally have me wrapped around his finger,” the 32-year-old admitted, adding that her baby boy has “[stolen] her heart.”

The photo shows the tiny child wrapped in a Versace blanket, a full head of dark hair gracing his head. “His ears brown y’all,” the new mother commented along with a grinning emoji. She’s also created an Instagram account specifically for Kashton (@babykashrich), which has yet to see any posts but will likely soon be updated with adorable content.

Before little Kashton’s arrival, the Detroit-born star faced some criticism for her name of choice, with people calling it things like “ghetto”. In response to the haters, she said, “if whatever it is [is] ghetto, so what? I’m ghetto. I’m from the hood. Let me be ghetto in peace!”

“It’s always the broke and bothered,” Doll ranted after reading the slander. “And here my dumb ass goes, rich and bothered. Why am I letting these broke and bothered people bother my rich ass? I’m crazy! I think it’s because it’s my kid.”

Tracy T has also been showing off his family’s new addition – see what he uploaded to his story earlier this week below.