JT Defends Doja Cat On Twitter, "That Girl Is A Rapper"

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

JT’s view on Doja is obvious– she’s a rap artist who also makes pop records.

For a while now, there has been a debate on whether Doja Cat is considered a rapper or not. Many people have placed her in the Pop bracket, but the 26-year-old artist has declared herself a rapper numerous times. Perhaps what sparked the most recent debate about her talent was Remy Ma‘s comments on Drink Champs.

During her interview last month, Remy stated, “I don’t think she’s a rapper. Let’s be clear with that. They put her in the rapper category, I don’t think she’s a rapper. But she makes dope records, and I think she’s dope.”

Now, a few weeks later, another female entertainer has joined the conversation– however, her view is opposite of the New York native’s. JT, one-half of the City Girls, took to Twitter to give Doja her props. “Doja [killed] Vegas. That’s rapping to me idk wtf y’all be talking about,” she posted.

A fan quoted JT’s tweet and added, “Because y’all want Doja not to be a rapper so bad.” This prompted the “Twerkulator” artist’s response, “That girl is a rapper just versatile & her pop songs more popular y’all gotta listen, what she doing not easy. But don’t mind me I’m on a flight listening [to] music… my opinion.”

Though many might not view her as a hardcore rapper, the RCA recording artist hasn’t had any trouble dominating the genre. In fact, on July 1, she received 22 new certifications from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA)– tying her with Nicki Minaj as being the second-most ever Platinum singles for a female artist.