Jerry Jones Admits To Not Wearing Seat Belt During Recent Car Accident

Jamie Schwaberow/Getty Images

Jones’ interaction with police was recently made public.

Back in May, Jerry Jones was briefly brought to the hospital after a car crash in Dallas. The Dallas Cowboys owner was driving along the road when someone pulled a U-turn right in front of him. Jones had barely any time to react and ended up T-boning the driver.

Jones was very clearly shaken up after the incident although all of his injuries were minor. In the video below, courtesy of TMZ, you can see Jones interacting with the driver of the other car, and the two were quite cordial, with Jones checking in on the man to see if he is okay.

Now, police footage has been revealed to the public, and according to TMZ, it features Jones admitting to not wearing a seatbelt. Jones had the seatbelt buckled, but he had it behind his back which rendered it completely useless. 

The police did not feel like this was anything to get mad at, although they did tell Jones “The only thing I’m going to ask you to do, is put that seat belt on the right way.”

Hopefully, Jones learns his lesson as the accident could have been a lot worse than it was. Either way, we’re glad everyone was okay in the end.