James Harden Sues For Losses In Austin McBroom Vs. Bryce Hall Boxing Event

Elsa/Getty Images

The Brooklyn Nets star is seeking the return of his $2 million investment in the failed event.

It seemed like it was gonna be the Summer of bromances for James Harden, who has found himself in the close entourages of Meek Mill and Lil Baby. Now, it seems the summer has become a bit more complicated, as the Brooklyn Nets star is looking to recoup a hefty sum of lost money, as evidenced by a string of legal letters sent by Harden to Austin McBroom’s Simply Greatness Productions.

Allegedly, Harden was a big fan and a strong believer in McBroom’s “Social Gloves: Battle of the Platforms” event, which found McBroom facing off with TikToker Bryce Hall, so much so, that he invited $2 million into it. He now joins another group of investors and contestants whose payouts are a fraction of what they were promised.

Simply Greatness Productions seems to be at fault here with grossly miscalculating the estimate of how many people would tune in to the event via Pay-Per-View. McBroom believed that over 10,000,000 fans would purchase the $50 Pay-Per-View livestream of the event. However, when the event finally came around, only 136,000 fans shelled out the $50. The event, reportedly lost over $10 million, promising Hall $5 million,  for his loss to Austin McBroom

Austin Mcbroom and Bryce Hall

Bryce Hall and Austin McBroom – Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images for LivexLive

Taylor Holder, the TikToker who fought British Youtuber Gib at the event, also recently filed a breach of contract against Simply Greatness Production. Holder has allegedly peen paid only $85,000 of his promised $2 million. In response to calls for returned losses, Simply Greatness Productions reached out to creditors with this statement: “In light of the apparent underperformance of the Event, our firm has been retained to represent SGP in connection with either a workout of the claims of all of its creditors or if a workout is not feasible a likely bankruptcy filing.”

Good luck to James Harden.