Jake Paul Responds To Oscar De La Hoya

Warren Little/Getty Images

Jake Paul still has a lot to prove in the boxing world.

Jake Paul is set to return to the boxing ring in August, and for now, it remains to be seen whether or not he will fight against a real boxer with an extensive record. Over these past couple of years, Paul has mostly fought retired MMA stars and retired NBA players, which isn’t exactly the most difficult thing to do. Regardless, Paul hopes to someday win a real title, and in an interview with TMZ, Oscar De La Hoya claimed that Paul could easily do it.

These comments rubbed some fans the wrong way as they felt there was no conceivable scenario in which Paul would ever win a title. Jake, on the other hand, feels much differently. While speaking to TMZ, Paul acknowledged De La Hoya’s comments and said that he is beyond grateful that legends are noticing the work he has been putting in. 

Jake Paul

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