Jake Paul Details 5 Must-Have Guidelines For Tyron Woodley's Tattoo

Jason Miller / Stringer / Getty Images

Following his defeat, Woodley agreed to get an “I Love Jake Paul” tattoo while Paul now declares himself a “retired boxer.”

The results of this fight came down to a decision and fans have been debating whether or not the judges got it right. Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley’s epic event left sports fans divided as Paul was declared the victor, and almost immediately, the pair agreed to a rematch. However, this forthcoming bout comes with conditions as Woodley must first receive an “I Love Jake Paul” tattoo to secure the second match.

Woodley agreed to the request, yet, Paul shared on Twitter the specific conditions of Woodley’s upcoming body art. The tweet comes immediately after Paul updated his fight status to “retired boxer.”

The self-proclaimed “face of the fight game” wrote:

Tyron’s tattoo guidelines:

1. 3×2 inches at least White [checkmark emoji]

2. Can’t get it covered White [checkmark emoji]

3. Permanent White heavy [checkmark emoji]

4. Must post on social media [checkmark emoji]

5. Has to be visible with shorts and shirt on [checkmark emoji]

It is unclear if Woodley, who insisted that he won against Paul, has agreed to these latest standards, but he seemed to want that rematch pretty badly. Check out a few posts below.