J.I.D Thinks Big Rap Artists Are "Scared" To Get On A Track With Him

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

J.I.D. thinks bigger rappers are scared to jump on a track with him.

J.I.D. has continued to shine with each and every release. While it’s been four years since DiCaprio 2, he’s made a concerted effort to stand out on every Dreamville outing and each guest verse that he lays down. Unfortunately, it seems like he’s having difficulties securing collaborations with bigger MCs in the game.

 David Livingston/Getty Images

The rapper hit Twitter this week where he opened up about his collaborative spree in recent times. While he’s proven to be versatile with the ability to weave through different songs, the Atlanta artist said that some of his peers in the game aren’t willing to lock in studio time. 

“None of my rap co workers be tryna rap wit me dawg… Only women and pop stars lol,” he wrote. In a subsequent tweet, he specifically called out the bigger name artists in rap who he believes might be shook to hop on a record with him. “I think y’all n***az scared, I’m talking bigger rap artists.”

tIt’s unclear who he’s had trouble locking in studio time with but we’re hoping that this isn’t delaying the release of The Forever Story. The rapper recently dropped off “29 (Freestyle)” where he said that the project would be dropping “very soon.” No actual timeline on when we could expect it but it seems like it will arrive before the end of the year.

Check out his tweets below.