Hate It & Love It – 6 Undeniable Takeaways From Last Night's WWE Monday Night Raw 25th Anniversary Show –

Whether it’s Wale showing up at the monthly pay-per-view events or getting referenced on A$AP Mob‘s “Yamborghini High” – it’s no secret hip-hop loves the WWE. SOHH Entertainment Correspondent Ryan Proctor here and I still remember when I became a HUGE WWF/WWE fan.

We were stationed in Japan, as my dad was in the United States Air Force. The show came to the Tokyo dome and we all went as a family. The Ultimate Warrior’s music hit and dude came down the aisle in a full sprint. It was awesome. And from that moment I was hooked. That moment was a little over 25 years ago. My daughter is the reason I got back into it and I really don’t regret it. I forgot how fun this stuff was and still is.

Last night’s Monday Night Raw showcase served up some serious nostalgia for me, so here’s the good and the bad about its 25th anniversary show.

The Good:

1. Vince Mcmahon showed up, billionaire power walk and all.

And in typical fashion destroys the gift Shane and Stephanie presented him with. He’s still got it, and can get any crowd to react good or bad. But, (GLASS SHATTER’S) and business picks up quick with Steve Austin walking to the ring. Long story short, he hits both Shane and Vince with the Stone Cold Stunner.

2. The Undertaker, which should be enough to just be a part the good.

As he is speaking to crowd he’s fighting back tears. This may have been his retirement, but who knows when it comes to the Dead Man.

3. The Miz and the Miztourage stun my dude Roman Reigns to regain the Intercontinental Title.

This match was great. From the Roman beating down the Miztourage, to the Miz using his sneaky tricks to bait in Roman for the W. Roman is expected to compete at Wrestlemania for the Universal Championship against the winner the Triple Threat match at the Royal Rumble between The Monster Among Men Braun Strowman, The Big Red Machine Kane, and the Beast Incarnate Brock Lesnar.

4. The D-Generation X reunion.

If I had a great category, this one would be it. DX was probably the greatest stable ever assembled in WWF/E history, sorry Shield fans, it’s a fact. Anyone who doesn’t agree, I got two words for ya!

Granted it wasn’t a flawless show, there was one or two bad moments.

1. The older general managers made an appearance.

For real, it was probably the low point the show. It didn’t do it for me. It was a waste time, it didn’t move the needle at all. The Miz made it better as he stared down Daniel Bryan…who is cleared to wrestle by the way, maybe building something out that, but what do I know as a fan.

2. Elias (made the List Jericho as a Stupid Idiot as well) and his segments are usually gold in my opinion. It would’ve been part the good had John Cena not showed up.

Cena kinda drained this segment until Elias put the beat down on him. This was probably a way for Cena to help put Elias over as a heel, but who knows.

I don’t know if you’re a WWE fan anymore, but if you watched last night’s show it would’ve brought you back to those moments as a kid for sure. The Attitude Era was in full force, and stole the show. Hopefully you enjoyed it as much as I did.

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