Foolio Justifies Dissing JayDaYoungan Following Death

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Foolio continues to diss JayDaYoungan following the news of his death.

As fans continue to mourn the death of JayDaYoungan, one of his long-standing rivals appeared to diss him on Instagram Live. Foolio hopped on IG yesterday where he took aim at the Lousiana rapper with sarcastic posts addressing his death. In one post, he wrote, “Rip Jaydayoungan u will be missed lol.” In another, he made it clear that he still harbors resentment towards JayDaYoungan due to their long-standing beef. “Dude use to diss me jus to be cool wit da ops even got them boys tatted now look,” he wrote with a laughing emoji.

Foolio later went on Instagram Live where he explained why he doesn’t feel a way about disrespecting JayDaYoungan in the wake of his passing. In his opinion, JayDaYoungan’s created friction when he didn’t need to after aligning with his ops, presumably Yungeen Ace.

“You from out of town, right? You see what we got going on so just ’cause you rockin’ with a rapper, you rockin’ with a n***a that don’t fuck with me, you act like you my opp now,” he said, explaining that JayDaYoungan began disrespecting his dead friends due to his friendship with Foolio’s enemies. “Now you dissing me in songs, saying F my dead homeboys, this and that. How I’mma feel? I’m supposed to sit back, be quiet. Don’t say nothin’? If it was me, on the other end, n***a would’ve done the same thing.”

Check out Foolio’s video below and sound off with your thoughts in the comments. 

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