"F**k That Kup": Mozzy Pours Out Bottle of Lean on Video

Mozzy is tossing out his cough syrup habit with the old year. The rapper took to instagram to announce that he’s f lean and poured out a bottle on video.

“On my momma, n*gga, it’s been like 10, 12 days or some sh*t. I don’t know but it’s been hard to kick that sh*t, I ain’t gonna lie,” he said.

“We still bricked up, though. I had a couple bricks in the closet,” he continued, before opening the bottle and pouring it out on the ground. “Any young n*gga doing this shit, you understand me, this sh*t will force you to stop. If it don’t, drink a lot water at the minimum.”

“F**k that cup,” he added. “They say health is wealth. I need my bag.” He then tossed the bottle into the puddle and walked away.

Some fans were quick to disbelieve Mozzy, pointing out that he didn’t look like he was in the middle withdrawal.

“His message is invalid if he’s going to pull up some fake juice out a fake bottle and tell people about the side effects I’ve been in the hospital countless times from withdrawals I know how that s*** is keep it 100 most likely he went back home and pulled up and real bottle and just shows all the fake ones keep your eyes woke!” wrote user @thereal_bobbyhill.

However, if Mozzy really is leaving his addictions behind, he’d merely be the latest in a string rappers who have decided it’s not worth it.