Fat Joe Calls PNB Rock's Killers "Evil," Believes Robbers Don't Have To Murder

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He also spoke about the controversy over PNB Rock’s girlfriend’s post. “I wanna know what the crime is in posting where you at?”

Hip Hop has been debating what led to the tragic murder of PNB Rock and opinions have varied. There are some who have opted to target Rock’s girlfriend, blaming her for his demise because she shared that they were at a restaurant where the rapper was robbed, shot, and killed. Others have defended her, stating that the shooters are to blame for the tragedy, and no one else. 

Fat Joe is a veteran who has sadly seen many of his peers lose their lives to violence, and during his Livestream, he discussed PNB Rock’s death. He said that as a former stick-up guy, he has robbed his fair share of people, and while he won’t disparage anyone’s hustle, he has nothing but 

PNB Rock
Paras Griffin / Stringer / Getty Images

“What was this young man doin’? Supportin’ Black-owned business with his wife and his daughter,” said Joe. “Now, I knock no hustles. I used to rob people. I used to stick people up. Not proud. I was once a young, confused man that was living by any means necessary. Was living by ‘get rich or die trying.’ So, I understand the plight. I understand what’s goin’ on here.”

“But what I’ve never understood was why can’t you rob a brotha, take his sh*t, stick him up, we caught you off guard, and keep it movin’,” he continued. “And let that brotha be great.”

Fat Joe went on to list the things that are “stacked against us,” including police, the streets, and the system. “We all fightin’ and tryin’ to find a way,” he said. “But when you rob a person, I want to be clear on this, I’m not mad at you **** robbin’ people. I’m not… But I’m mad at you killin’ people. I’ma keep it real.”

“When you make the choice to kill an unarmed person for no reason after you robbed ’em, you’re an evil person. You’re evil. You’re mad at your life and you’re evil.” Joe also addressed the “uproar” about rappers not wearing their jewelry out because it makes them easier targets. “I watched on the news—I was in L.A.! I was in L.A. and I’m watching the little girl, they got her outside Roscoe’s Chicken and she’s sayin’, ‘You shouldn’t post where you at!'”

“I wanna know what the crime is in posting where you at?” Fat Joe insisted that the thieves could have taken the jewelry or maybe even pistol-whipped Rock, but they didn’t”have to take that little girl’s father.” 

Check out the clip below.