Faizon Love Clears Up Controversy About Ice Cube & "Friday" Pay

Jason Merritt / Staff / Getty Images

After Ice Cube was accused of “robbing” the actors, Love returns to clarify his previous comments.

There has been a ruckus over how much actors were paid for their features in the Friday franchise and it is a conversation that was introduced by Faizon Love. The actor portrayed “Big Worm” in the classic film and while speaking with Comedy Hype, he claimed that he was only paid $2,500. The public accused Ice Cube, who produced the movie, of robbing the actors, but the Rap icon came forward to say that all participants were paid to scale.

Next Friday actor Michael Blackson surfaced to defend Cube against critics, and after seeing his friend take heavy blows online, Faizon Love returned with an update.

 Faizon Love
Jason Merritt/TERM / Staff / Getty Images

“First of all I not only consider Ice Cube a comrade but my brother and I’m still a fan,” said Love. “I think he’s One of the dopest n*ggas to ever touch a mic. I guess it’s a slow news week so let me say what I got paid is a moot point, it was the price of admission to a game . I have zero regrets.”

“Actually , I want to take this time to thank Cube Dj Pooh and Felix Gary Grey for letting me be apart of such an iconic picture,” the comedian added. “I truly have nothing but love For these brothers. WestSide N*ggas!!!!!!!! @icecube @djpooh.” Blackson, too, thanked Cube and the Friday team for helping launch his career to new heights.

Check out Faizon Love’s post below.