Druski Trending After Deleting Controversial Comedy Skit

Image via HNHH

After Druski took down his skit about men pressuring women into drinking, an even bigger conversation was sparked online.

Druski is an internet comedian whose content steadily goes viral. Not only does he post comical skits where he reenacts real life situations, he also goes on Instagram live quite often to make jokes at other people’s expense. The sharing of his personality on social media has gained him millions of followers, allowed him to host J. Cole’s tour, and has gotten him in rooms with people like Drake and Jack Harlow.

While he usually gets positive feedback, it is a guarantee that there will be people who don’t find certain things funny. This was the case for the 27-year-old amid his latest skit– which he has now deleted from social media, but still lives online.

In a minute and a half video, Druski, along with some friends, acted out how some men look trying to get women drunk. In the footage, Druski pieced together numerous clips to get his point across.

In one, he is seen overly excited for the girls to start drinking right away. Then, he cuts to the group playing a game of ‘never have I ever,’ the only thing is, he’s asking obvious questions that are sure to make the female players take a shot.The 27-year-old comic also included how men tend to pour liquor to make the woman’s cup extremely full on purpose. Other clips included him making the girls drive the boat, or flat out bullying them into drinking more.

Apparently, the feedback that began to come in wasn’t to Druski’s liking. Moments after he uploaded it, he took it down. This quick post and delete led to further discussion on social media. Many users defended his skit, saying that it happens in real life. Others felt that he didn’t post it for the right reasons.

What are your feelings about it? See the original video below along with Twitter reactions.