Drake's Adidas Fallout Reportedly Had Nothing To Do With Pusha T

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It turns out that rumors of a Drake x Adidas partnership were overblown.

When Pusha T came out with “The Story Of Adidon” during the summer of 2018, the hip-hop world was left in a state of shock. It was during this song that many learned for the very first time that Drake had a son. The song also revealed who the child’s mother was and as you can imagine, Drake was left disrespected. Perhaps the most interesting thing about the song, however, is that it alluded to the fact that Drake had signed to Adidas after a long relationship with Nike.

Of course, Drake is still with Nike right now, which left some fans wondering if Pusha’s song stopped the deal from going through. On an episode of the Complex Sneakers Podcast, former Adidas executive Jon Wexler revealed that rumors of Drake’s deal were exaggerated and that while meetings had gone down with Kanye, nothing was set in stone. In fact, Adidas was aware of Drake’s intentions to stay with Nike well before Pusha’s track even came out.

Pusha T

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“Kanye was at the front-end of all of that. I think they were recording and some stuff together. They [Kanye West and Drake] were exploring stuff with Adidas but I don’t think things were as far along as the blogs were presenting it,” Wexler said. “There were a lot of rumors flying around but it just didn’t come together. Some people grew up with what they grew up with and that’s what it is.” […] “By the time that song came out, it was pretty clear that that was already not gonna happen.”

These are definitely some interesting revelations and when you consider how they came from an industry insider, you can’t help but feel like this whole saga has been resolved.


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