Discover Desert Kingz And Their Latest Releases

Arizona Desert Kingz dropped a new hit titled “Flames”, a fiery single about a “lady” and all the ways in which she is perfect. Old-school sophisticated hip hop and rap intertwine in a charming “toast to my girl” that is the song. The beats are exquisite, complimenting Diesol’s and Lord Jungle’s intricate rapping. Their high spirits are infectious, their excitement to share their art — unparalleled.

The duo recently released a music video for their renowned single “We Bleed” shot by Brannustudios. It is a moving song about racism is an ongoing struggle and how much it hurts people. The music video shows black and white clips of people protesting, getting arrested and being mistreated. Desert Kingz show huge versatility through their songs going from fun and romantic to solemn and serious.

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