Deion Sanders Believes Brittany Renner's Knowledge Could Have Saved Him $20 Mil

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The football icon says if he had someone like Renner put him up on game when he was younger, it could have saved him a lot of money.

He definitely raised eyebrows after bringing Brittany Renner to Jackson State University, but Deion Sanders is doubling down on the decision. Weeks ago, the college’s head football coach shared an image of Renner, who shares a child with NBA player PJ Washington, speaking to his team. Apparently, she was giving them the rundown about women and how players should interact with their admirers.

“It’s my responsibility as a Coach to prepare my young men for any and everything on the field and off,” Sanders wrote. “I brought in @bundleofbrittany to educate them on how the game is played between man & woman at their age & stage. The message may not be for everybody but trust me it’s for somebody.”

Brittany Renner
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On a recent episode of his podcast, Renner was a guest and Sanders spoke about how he wishes he would have had that knowledge earlier on in his career.

“Let me tell you something. If I had her in my ear,” Sanders reportedly said on his 21 and Prime podcast. “If I had been sitting in that room at Florida State and I had her come and lay it out like she laid it out. If I would have had that I would be at least $20 million richer.

“Because everything she elaborated on, I would have been more prepared for the game of life. I was prepared for the game of football, but not that other game. Because I was so locked in. And then I misconstrued what love and some women were. If I would have had that, I promise you, at least 20. At least $20 million richer because of the divorces, the lawyer fees, all the bull junk that I’ve gone through as a man.”

Renner, who reportedly was a soccer player at JSU, added, “People were stunned. They were like ‘why did he bring her.’ But they were like ‘this is genius.’ So honestly, the reaction, it blew my mind. I don’t want to sound surprised but it was like Deion you know, you’re the best to do it.”