Dear Jack White, Congrats On Being A Vinyl Visionary — Let’s Make The Rest of Your Dreams Come True

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The following comes from Rhythmic Rebellion, a company DMN is proud to be partnering with.

Dear Jack White, You deserve credit for fueling the vinyl revolution. But you wish your fans could instantly stream the music they buy on Third Man Records, and that you had your own apps. Done!

My name is Greg Allen. I’m a singer/songwriter just outside of Macon, GA. In 2017 my team and I started working to develop a platform that puts the artists and their teams first. Seeing how innovative you are lets me know that you would appreciate what we’ve created. 

The Third Man Records website and merch store are great. I have suggestions for additions that you probably already thought about. 

  • When a fan buys vinyl from Third Man Records, provide the fan a way to stream their purchase instantly. 
  • Sell the digital instrumental track with the original digital track and provide scrolling lyrics…bedroom karaoke.
  • Provide the album in a 10 track stem player and let the fans solo instruments or vocals and make their own mix of the song.
  • Ask your artists to upload videos of themselves doing acoustic versions of songs or any video that fans would enjoy, and sell access behind the paywall. 
  • Take advantage of built-in live video streaming and audio-only live streaming…no makeup required. 
  • Start community building for Third Man Records and all the artists. YOU capture the emails, and YOU own the data using our methods.
  • Take advantage of the fan clubs with one free and two paid tiers. 
  • Last but not least, you must have Apple and Android apps.

All of the above is live and ready for you to tap into.

The good news is that we can build all the new pages you need to offer the above and blend them into your existing Third Man website using menu links. The other good news is that you and your people stay in control. We will teach you how to build pages with our drag-and-drop builder, and you’ll create the albums and other content using the great interface our team has developed. You’re in charge. Just think of us as your software provider. We want to work with you, and we want your advice.

We can also provide on-demand merch printing using Printful. The artist account comes with its own merch store and order processing. Our integration allows fans to buy digital and physical products in the same checkout, and we send the order to Printful, and they print the merch and ship it.

As you know, the most important thing you need to sell more music and merch is more superfans, but building superfans is hard. Allowing fans to make more personal connections to artists helps tremendously. To facilitate this, we allow the artists to create 15-second audio files and introduce their songs. We also have song commentary that lasts up to 4 minutes. These play based on an algorithm when the fan listens to music in the music player or app.

So imagine this, a fan hears about one of your artists for the first time, and they visit the artist’s page. They see the album feature and the list of songs. They click the play button on the feature. They hear the artist introduce the song and think, “well, that was cool.” They hear a 90-second preview of the song, then it skips to the next one. Again, they hear the artist introduce the song, then a 90-second preview. After 10 minutes of music, the algorithm will change from the song’s intro to the commentary. Commentary only plays once every three days, and the fan has controls to silence intros and commentary for just one artist or all artists.

By the album’s end, the fan is hooked and wants to hear more than just previews, so they buy the album. This will increase your sales to people that don’t want a physical album but enjoy the musical experience and other entertainment they find on Third Man Records. Plus, Third Man can bundle things together any way you want. Vinyl, CDs, or Cassettes can be bundled with the digital version of the album with instant listening. You can add the instrumental track or sell it separately. You can add the stem player or sell it separately. After purchase, the fan has the option to download the album or instrumental tracks if they want to, in either WAV or Mp3. You can even bundle t-shirts with the sales. 

Let’s talk more about building your community of fans. Our team has developed some great methods for building communities. Something else you already know is that FANS LOVE FREE STUFF! We have a gift code generator that allows you to create discounts for your merch, but you can also use it to give things away. The Artist Premiere is where you can place exclusive videos, images, or music, and sell your fans access to it. But you can also give it away, and it costs you nothing. When the fan uses the gift code to gain access, they share their email with you and become part of your community. The Artist Premiere is like albums; you can create as many different versions as you want. Think of Patreon but instead of a subscription, it is a single payment. You can also use the gift code to give free access to music, karaoke, or the fan song mixer/MxRR. This is a great way to build your community without costing you anything. It’s time for us to stop letting social media own our fans and charging us to communicate with them. 

Every artist account comes with its own Artist to Fan emailing system. We’re developing ways for artists to communicate directly with fans on our platform so we can avoid email spam filters. We are also working on many ways for fans to engage with their favorite artists and other like-minded fans.

Fans can be very generous when given the opportunity. Our artists get a 10 to 15% income boost through tips. We added tip buttons at checkout, and most fans use them. 

In a nutshell, we are an All-Things Music Marketplace. Fans sign up once and can buy items from any artist on the platform. We are the fan’s cloud storage and we can take care of the fans. We have a good support system and knowledge base. We have apps that fans can download to enjoy their purchases. We provide almost every feature an artist could wish for, including a drag-and-drop website builder. Many of our artists host their website directly on our platform. Nice to have everything in one place. 

Jack, my team and I would love to work with you. Together, we can revolutionize Third Man and make it the talk of the music industry. Fans will love all the new entertainment, listening options, and being part of a community of like-minded people. Email me at [email protected]

Here are three examples of artists using our platform.,, is new music and video discovery. 

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