Dean the Dream Unfolds Untold Stories In Recent LP Hitchin’ It to Heaven

Psychedelic Rock artist Dean the Dream continues to grow his fanbase with the latest album Hitchin’ It To Heaven. The Detroit-born talent leads the way and creates a safe space for people to open up and tell their whole truth, fully embracing their identity and uniqueness.

The multi-talented singer-songwriter reveals what he wanted to achieve with Hitchin’ It to Heaven, “Honestly, my whole intention with this album was to tell its story and get it heard by as many people as possible not for glory or fame, but to highlight some stories that aren’t told as often as they should.”

Brendan Alpiner, aka, Dean the Dream not only revolutionizes the industry with his narrative but also with his style. The experimental musician brought a new perspective to the Psychedelic Funk scene with Hitchin’ It to Heaven. The 7-track record includes the lead single “Goodbye, Danny,” and other distinctive tracks  like “Dying Staying Alive” and “Kiss Me Kill Me.” 

Listen to “Goodbye, Danny” here:

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Listen to the the full Hitchin’ It To Heaven album here: