DDG Compares His Boxing Skills to Floyd Mayweather & The Public Wasn't Kind

He believes he’s up there with one of the greatest but not everyone agreed.

It’s not uncommon for rappers to boast about their skills, but some have called out DDG for comparing himself to a boxing legend. Like several other entertainers from all facets of the industry, DDG has been easing into developing a formidable sports career. When he isn’t gushing about being in love with singer Halle Bailey or having her star in his music videos, the rapper is in training as he presses forward with his professional boxing aspirations.

We’ve reported on DDG’s fights that have proven successful, but there hasn’t been enough at this time to tell if longevity is in his future.

Rodrigo Varela / Stringer / Getty Images

However, DDG isn’t wanting for confidence, because he made a declaration recently that turned heads. It appears that DDG is proud of how his boxing moves are shaping up.

“Skill wise, me & mayweather damn near neck & neck.. i should’ve went pro smh,” he tweeted. It didn’t take long for responses to roll in, and not everyone held to the same sentiment. Mayweather is hailed as one of the greatest fighters to enter the ring, and some believe it will take a lot more than a few fights to match his talent.

Yet, boxers and their bravado go hand in hand. Check out DDG’s tweet, one of his fights, and a few reactions below.