Danny Brown Reveals He Wasn't A Fan Of Dave Chappelle's Skit On Big Sean's "Detroit 2"

Image via HNHH

Danny Brown says Dave Chappelle’s impression skit on Big Sean’s album was “funny” but it’s not the real story.

Danny Brown has taken credit for getting Dave Chappelle too high before one of his comeback comedy shows in Detroit, during which he was booed after slurring his words on stage and delivering inaudible punchlines. On Big Sean‘s Detroit 2 album, Chappelle tells a story about the challenging crowds in Detroit, recalling the time Brown got him extremely stoned and assuming that the rapper might have laced his weed. He says that when he was in the middle of his “terrible” set, he noticed Danny Brown slip out of the room, which made him laugh before he connected with Big Sean’s father.

According to Brown though, Chappelle’s side of the story isn’t factual. 

The 40-year-old rapper spoke with HNHH for an exclusive interview where he talks about his reaction to Chappelle’s skit, saying that he found it funny but that it’s not entirely truthful.

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“It was funny, but I ain’t like that s**t, man,” said Brown. “Because that ain’t the true story [laughs]. I’ll tell my side in my stand-up set.”

Brown made his stand-up debut earlier this year opening up for Hannibal Burress. He has said that he’s fallen in love with the medium and is “addicted” to stand-up comedy now. 

Will you be checking for Brown’s side of the story? Check out his full interview here.