Charlamagne Tha God Lists Most Influential Rappers: "Kanye, Jay, Pac & Wayne"

Arturo Holmes / Staff / Getty Images

Someone chimed in that Chief Keef should be added to that list.

Buckle up, because Charlamagne Tha God has once again chimed in on a debate about top rappers. We’ve previously reported on hot takes regarding who is the greatest or who has the most appeal, and these rankings caused a riot of conversations within Hip Hop circles. It doesn’t take long for generations of music lovers to draw a divide in the sand, and things are further fractionated by coasts and sounds.

In a recent episode of his Brilliant Idiots podcast, Charlamagne Tha God introduced his list of most influential rappers and his co-host believed he missed a name.

Charlamagne Tha God
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“I’m not gon’ say the number order, but it’s four: Kanye, Jay, Pac, Wayne,” he said of West, Shakur, Hov, and Weezy. “Four most influential rappers of all time.” 

Someone added that Chief Keef should be added to the list, but Charlamagne wasn’t convinced.

“You know why I don’t put Chief Keef in there? Because Chief Keef didn’t influence like, the world,” he said of the Chicago star. “He influenced a sound of a region. He didn’t influence the world. Those four people I named literally influenced people all over the world.”

Of course, this is sure to get Hip Hop fans talking as they not only weigh in about Keef’s influence but give their choices on the four most influential rappers to date. 

Check out the clip below and let us know your picks.