Carsn. Fuses Southern Hip-Hop & Alternative Music Into An Eclectic Sound In Mixed 3motions

Carsn. shares the much-awaited debut album Mixed 3motions, a fantastic creation seamlessly blending southern hip-hop, pop, and alternative music into the artist’s eclectic sound. With 14 songs, this lengthy LP is as rich as it is mellow and raw, a special combination that won’t leave anyone indifferent. 

Starting-off his career with the debut single “General Gentleman” in 2022, Carsn. continued stealing the spotlights with “Rip Away” and “Pick a Side,” all triggering the immediate positive response from fans. He specifically enjoys pushing boundaries and crossing genres, with his versatile skills allowing him to successfully implement this approach in his music. Diversity is key for him, and just a quick listen to  Mixed 3motions proves his point. 

Carsn. has also educated himself about music theory and production, while making his own rhymes. He is now ready to share his music with the world, and his new album will help him tap into the vast community of listeners in search for visionary artists capable of creating their very own sonic world, just as Carsn. does.