Nowhere But Here II Artist Brian Ligon Brings Forth A New Style For Jazz

Mastermind behind the highly successful album Nowhere But Here IIBrian Ligon, discusses his creative process and what music represents for him. Working closely with Stephen Gibb, Doug Emery, Carlos Alvarez, and Jim “Pinky” Beeman, the brilliant Jazz musician has put together all the original recordings that reflect his musical influences and artistic identity.

The 13-track record includes “Bad,” “Select,” “Fly Away,” “Carnival,” “Funk,” “Run It,” “Lady,” “2040,” and many more. Playing around with different styles like Jazz, Contemporary Jazz, Experimental, Jazz Funk, and Cool Jazz, Brian Ligon has managed to create an album that restructures and changes the traditional and conventional perspective of what a Jazz record is supposed to sound like.

Following Nowhere But Here I, released about six years ago, Ligon admits that the new album is the result of a creative process that “usually starts with some form of inspiration, whether it’s a feeling I have, composing for specific purpose, composing for Film or TV, an artist request, then it’s me sitting at my Motif in my home studio searching for the sounds to make it come to life.”

Ligon says, “music is a passion that always finds its way in my life, whether just chillin’ listening to music, working or doing other things with music in the background, or composing and producing.” Reaching number one on the iTunes charts, Nowhere But Here II has created a lot of new opportunities for the artist, helping him break barriers and prove his versatility and unique sound as a music producer as well as a composer.

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