Cardi B Talks Debut Album, Offset, & Wedding

Cardi B has plenty to rhyme about on her debut album.

During an interview with Julie Adenuga on Beats 1, the Bronx bombshell opened up about some the topics that she may address on the anxiously-awaited release.

Following up on “Bodak Yellow” and her now famous “bloody shoes” line, Bardi said she may focus on fashion with a more affordable twist, repping brands like Fashion Nova and Steve Madden.

“Not everybody can afford bloody shoes,” she explained. “Those are the shoes that I love but it’s not a shoe that everybody can afford. I’m gonna rap about something and I’ma make it trendy like I made…Well, you know, I did spike a sale on Louboutin. It was a fact. I read it with my own eyes. I’ma make it spike too because I want women who can’t afford to look fashionable too. And you wanna know something? Fashion Nova is one the only things that fits my body. These high-end designers, I love them, but none them jeans fit this ass. None them.”

Family might also be a source inspiration for the album, since she called them her “peace mind.” Love may influence some her work, too, particularly her relationship with Offset. During the interview, she opened up about how he annoys her. “When he buys food and he don’t eat it,” she said. “I’m a person who sees the spending.”

The couple is expected to get married soon and Bardi already has a song in mind for their first dance. “I don’t know what song he’d pick,” she said. “I know the one that I would pick. I’m not gonna say it because I’m not gonna sound sensitive. It’s between Al B. Sure! and Grace Jones.”

Haters will continue feeling Bacardi’s wrath on the album. She said that comments about her looks are particularly harmful. “Every woman hate when people say something about their looks,” she added. “Women don’t ever want to feel ugly. Sometimes, people always make me wanna feel like I’m wack. Like I don’t know how to do this or that. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t go No. 1. Some people think Atlantic signed me because I was popular. No. It’s because I had mixtapes and they sold a lot.”

However, the album won’t exactly be a tell-all because there are some things that can’t be explored. “I can’t talk about certain things that I went through because I’ll go to jail,” she added. “I don’t want people to think that I’m crazy. A lot people question, what else can she do? I’m gonna show you.”

After releasing “Bartier Cardi” and landing six songs on the Hot 100, Cardi B’s debut album is slated to arrive soon. Later this month, she will take the stage at the Grammys to perform “Finesse” with Bruno Mars.