Can't Clean Up To Save Your Life In '18? Here's 5 Instant, Game-Changing Fashion Tips You Need Right Now –

A wardrobe is a mirror how someone views themselves. SOHH Fashion Correspondent Chant Farrar here and it’s vital to always remember the clothes one collects & wears can determine jobs, social circles and sometimes even friends. Many us struggle with getting dressed up because we’d rather be “comfortable” or wear leisure wear, so we opt for sweatpants and stained tees rather than a nice suit.

If you are having trouble with getting dressed up, here are five ways to trick yourself into looking nice everyday.

1. Throw the majority (if not all) leisure wear out.

Now no one is recommending you throw out your best track suit or your favorite pair gym shorts, but if you have more sweats than you do regular attire, its time to do a cleanse. Buy you yourself a housecoat and stop collecting clothes that you can only look appropriate in at the gym. If you can minimize how much leisure wear you have, you can minimize how ten you wear it by default. Side note: this includes leggings. To make the proper transition try jogger and jeggings.

2. Remember if you are super comfortable, you probably don’t look good.

Clothes should be comfortable to an extent, but keep in mind beauty is pain. Suits are made to go business affairs in, gowns are made for special events. Not that you should be going to a black tie gala every week, but a shirt with buttons or a pleated skirt won’t kill you. These types items have specific purposes and are not meant to be slept in; just like pajamas are not meant to be worn to work. Know the purpose the items in your closet.

3. Try to avoid ill-fitting clothes.

Style is subjective to this point because “over-sized” clothing comes in and out style all the time. With that said an over-sized sweater can be tastefully done, but a large lumpy sweater cannot. Ill-fitting doesn’t just mean oversized; it can mean you just don’t look good in it. If you are getting mixed reviews about a certain garment, chances are you should most likely burn it.

4. Buy clothing with intent to pair items.

Be a smart shopper, buy clothes that go with one another. Completing a wardrobe is no easy task. Your style should be clear to you and you should shop for items that coincide with said style. Think about being able to have items that are interchangeable or effortless classics (white air forces, black pumps). Find staple go-to’s that fit your idea style.

5. Accessorize.

If you have no time to do any the steps above, take this one step with you. If you insist on dressing in tracksuits 24/7, wear a nice watch, find a nice hat. Stock up on items that can spruce up your outfit in a snap. Chains, necklaces, knit caps and even scarves can change the appearance a frumpy outfit. It’s almost like wallpapering over a hole in the wall.

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