Boosie Says He Left Mo3 Cameo In "My Struggle" To Honor The Late Rapper

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In the “VladTV” interview that won’t stop giving, Boosie discusses the late rapper.

Since dropping his new movie My Struggle last Friday, Boosie Badazz has been on one. 

After letting everyone know Soulja Boy was the first rapper to buy the movie and begging Drake to promote My Struggle in Canada, Boosie was stripped of yet another Instagram account, called his latest suspension an act of racism and invoked Martin Luther King Jr. in saying that the legendary civil rights leader would be “pissed off” about people pirating the film.

Both T.I. and Bill Cosby have shown Boosie love, however, and according to the “Wipe Me Down” rapper, he pocketed nearly a million dollars on My Struggle‘s release date. 

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Sitting down to speak with his favorite YouTube channel, VladTV, Boosie has touched on just about everything having to do with his movie and most recently, we got to hear this Baton Rouge rapper’s thoughts on a couple characters seen in My Struggle. 

Explaining a little bit about the casting decisions made in choosing the actors to play Pimp C and C-Murder, Boosie got a little emotional in talking about the film’s cameo from Mo3, who was chased and gunned down on a Dallas freeway last November.

“It kinda really hit me with Mo3, especially my first time watching it. I saw the film a month before everybody,” Boosie told Vlad. “It kinda hit me because I was like ‘damn, I don’t really want to put this scene out’ but that was the scene he had.” 

Going on to ensure fans that Mo3 would have wanted his cameo left in the movie, Boosie took his time finding the words to describe why he ultimately came to that decision. 

“I feel like I had a good relationship with his momma, and his people, so I went through with it. At first I was like ‘man I want to do that scene over’ but I know Mo3. Mo3 would said ‘n**** you better put me on that’ … I know what he would have said so I kept it in there,” he finished. 

Boosie also touched on YFN Lucci and Quando Rondo‘s cameos in My Struggle and as always, made sure to promote the film throughout. 

Check out Boosie’s interview with VladTV below and let us know in the comments what you think of the decision to keep Mo3 in his movie.