Bobby Shmurda Shares Cute Throwback Photo

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Bobby’s stayed the same through it all.

It is hard to imagine anybody has had a better, more fulfilling year than Bobby Shmurda. Since his February release from prison, he has hit the studio with rapper friends, made appearances at music festivalsdropped new songs and has enjoyed the freedom he missed out on for seven years.

Although the 27-year-old still has a lot of life to live, he has come a long way. It seems like a distant memory when Bobby was on top of the rap game with hits like “Hot N***a” and “Bobby B**ch” in 2014. But, Bobby let us know last night he could take us back even further.

Early Wednesday morning (Nov. 10), Bobby Shmurda posted a throwback of him from grade school, along with a few comparison photos of him now, saying: “Look ma I’m still smiling. Nd I got teeth nowwwwwww.”

In the adorable first picture, he is seen as a youth with most of his baby teeth gone, waiting for his permanent ones to come in. Hilariously, he is making the same pose in the current photos as he is in the childhood one, exemplifying how he has maintained his same personality.


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Also this year, Bobby has dropped three singles to usher in his new era.

His official return came in the form of “No Time For Sleep (Freestyle)” on Sept. 3, over half a year after his release from prison. The song is a long-winded cut that lasts over six minutes.

The last two weeks, Bobby has dropped consecutive singles “Cartier Lens” and “Splash,” attempting to present a fresh take on the unique energy he brings to hip-hop music.

As he continues to work back towards his prior status in the rap game, it is fascinating to see Bobby before it all started.

Check out his post below.