Blueface Quotes "Scarface" In Response To Assault Allegations

Ser Baffo/Getty Images

Blueface and two members of his entourage are accused of jumping a club bouncer.

Blueface found himself in some trouble over the weekend following a trip to a lounge in San Fernando Valley. A club bouncer filed a battery report accusing Blueface and two members of his entourage of serious assault that resulted in the need for medical attention. The battery report claimed that Blueface was not carrying ID on him, and pulled up a Google image instead of in an attempt to gain entry. The bouncer didn’t budge and Blueface and co. allegedly started to attack him.

Rich Fury/Getty Images

The rapper has seemingly responded to the allegations on an Instagram post, though indirectly. “You need people like me to point the finger at an[d] say that’s the bad guy –Scarface,” the caption read, along with a photo of himself in front of a group of people.

Photos of the injury did surface after the reports were made public. The victim’s face and head were severely bruised and cut. The police are currently investigating the matter but as of yet, the rapper nor any other suspect has been charged. Judging by Blueface’s recent post, it doesn’t seem like he’s entirely too concerned, either.

We’ll keep you posted on any more updates regarding Blueface and the case. Check out his post below.