Blueface & Chrisean Rock Get Into Physical Altercation, He Accuses Her Of Cheating

Arnold Turner / Stringer / Getty Images

The public has expressed concern over these two after a video circulated showing them fighting on the street.

Their antics often cause them to go viral on social media, but the latest update from Blueface and Chrisean Rock has the public concerned. The volatile couple has often emerged on social media with videos and messages that give users pause as their fights and arguments boil over, but this time, the rapper and his reality star girlfriend were reportedly captured physically assaulting one another on Hollywood Blvd. The clip quickly circulated online causing both Blueface and Rock to receive backlash, and now the rapper has returned to call out his lady friend.

According to Blue, Rock has been cheating on him and he only found out after searching through her phone. 

Chrisean Rock, Blueface
Arnold Turner / Stringer / Getty Images

Blueface also filmed Rock as she was trying to sleep and offered her $100K to leave the relationship. He’s seen calling her a “whore” and denying the perception that she’s dedicated to him.

Meanwhile, Blue’s mother, Karlissa Saffold, made her presence known on her Instagram Story by tagging her son and asking him if he needed her to stop by his house with his sister. Both women previously had a physical altercation with Rock,

This incident has sparked a wave of responses throughout several social media platforms as people express serious concern over the well-being of both artists. Check out a few posts related to the altercation below, as well as responses from the public.