Birdman Slapped With $150K Lawsuit For Breach Of Rental Contract: Report

Earl Gibson III/Getty Images

Birdman was recently sued by Cycad Management for five months worth of back rent and unpaid cleaning fees.

It looks like Birdman may have a few money problems. According to court documents, Cycad Management claims the Cash Money Records co-founder hasn’t paid rent in five months. He’s now being sued for breach of contract. 

Birdman orginally agreed to rent the mansion for $33,000 a month – the deal was an oral agreement between the two. “At present, Defendants are very delinquent – nearly 5 months delinquent in rent – and also owe Plaintiff other monies for cleaning services rendered at the Rental Property at Defendant’s request,” the suit reads. Cycad is seeking $147,624 plus interest which includes $141,000 in back rent and a $6,624 unpaid cleaning bill. 

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Cycad doesn’t just want payment, the company wants him vacated from the property by the end of the year. Birdman has yet to respond to the lawsuit. 

Birdman has been dealing with financial issues over the past few years, including his lawsuits with Lil Wayne and Tyga. Back in 2018, he made headlines due to his Miami home foreclosure. At the time, EMG Transfer claimed that Birdman borrowed $12M and put his mansion up for collateral. After defaulting on payments, he was slapped with a lien for $12M plus interest. He owed over $12 million-plus interest at the time of the foreclosure. As a result of the foreclosure, he was denied the return of some of his property. After the foreclosure, a lien was filed against Birdman by Multimedia Innovations for $20K. The company claimed to have completed home renovations for a total of $61,679.36 which included providing labor, A/V installation, light installation, and a fully-automated smart home.