Bills' Dane Jackson Taken To Hospital After Frightening Neck Injury

Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images

Bills fans prayed as Jackson was taken off in an ambulance.

Last night’s Monday Night Football game between the Buffalo Bills and Tennessee Titans became incredibly scary after Bills cornerback Dane Jackson was hit by his own teammate, Tremaine Edmunds. Jackson was already on the ground after a hit and when Edmunds came in to finish the job, he accidentally ran into Jackson whose neck snapped back violently.

It was a horrible-looking injury that had some fans worrying for Jackson’s life. Immediately after the hit, Jackson could be seen rolling around in pain and banging the turf in agony. The training staff immediately attended to him as they became aware that they needed to stabilize his neck quickly.

Eventually, every single Bills player came out onto the field as Jackson was taken off in an ambulance. He was then taken to the nearest hospital for evaluations such as an MRI and CT Scan. 

Miraculously, Jackson had full movement in his extremities and it is looking likely that he will avoid any and all serious injury. Given the violent nature of the incident, it is incredible that Jackson will come out of this in good shape. Either way, it’s always good to see guys coming through after gruesome-looking hits.

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