Bill Belichick Offers Apology To Reporters After Silent Press Conference

Justin Casterline/Getty Images

Bill Belichick and the Patriots had a tough loss against the Colts.

Bill Belichick is known for being short with the media, regardless of whether or not the Patriots win or lose. His mentality has rubbed many the wrong way over the years, however, there are still plenty of people out there who excuse his behavior as he does have six Super Bowl championships to back himself up.

On Saturday night, Belichick and the Patriots were favored as they looked to take on the Indianapolis Colts. In the end, it was the Colts who prevailed by a score of 27-17. As one can imagine, Belichick was not happy about this, and he let it be known in the postgame press conference, where he barely responded to any questions.

Bill Belichick

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In a rare turn of events, Belichick decided to apologize to the media today, as he hosted a customary Monday morning press conference. As you can see from the tweets below, Belichick noted that he shouldn’t be so “short” with the reporters and that it is no their fault that the Patriots lost. It was one of the rare times Belichick has shown this kind of humility, however, it was definitely appreciated by those in attendance. 

The Patriots remain first in the AFC East, and it seems unlikely that they will be overtaken. Of course, things could change very quickly, as the Buffalo Bills sit one game back.