B-Real Says He'd Take André 3000 Over Fabolous: "Both Dope But 3000 Is Ona Different Level"

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B-Real says that he’d take André 3000 over Fabolous.

Cypress Hill’s B-Real says he’d take Outkast legend André 3000 over Fabolous when asked who is the better MC. B-Real weighed into the debate in response to TDE rapper Reason’s opinion that Fabolous is the better rapper.

“Nah.. they both dope af but 3000 is ona different level in IMO,” he commented on a HipHopDX report.

B-Real, Andre 3000
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Another commenter replied, pointing out that 3000 has released “zero solo albums.”

“Nah son. He got bars,” fired back B-Real. “And although he maybe ain’t feelin it any more you can’t take away what he’s put down to this point. You take all the football gear and loud shit out of the scenario it’s bar work. And what does it matter if he got solo albums out? Zero .. that’s my dollar fifty.”

He added: “They spit different type shit so the comparison is odd but it’s about preference. Depends what you like. I get down with both but to me Andre is slightly ahead.”

André 3000, who has taken a step back from his music career since Outkast’s final album in 2006, made a rare contribution this year by appearing on Kanye West‘s Donda track, “Life Of The Party.” The song was named by Tyler, The Creator as one of his favorites of the year.

Check out B-Real’s explanation in the comments of the post below.