Asia’s Finest Charmaine Koh Is On The Rise With New SIngle Called “Bonfire”

One of the most exciting talents out of Asia, Charmaine Koh is set to change the industry with amazing singles like “Bonfire,” her most recent single that’s a pleasure to listen to.

The pop star has an incredibly soothing voice that’s best captured in “Bonfire,” a melodic song with loads of charm and overall positive vibe to it. Charmaine Koh hits the chord on every note with emotional lyrics like “I can’t see nothing without you cause you’re the source of my life.” A funky emotional song, the artist did a great job in creating the emotional sensations within each part of the song.

The Malaysian-native has already been on notice for a while now, with popular singles like “Why Don’t You Live,” “Pause” and “Find Myself,” which have all amassed hundreds of thousands of plays across all platforms. Now, Charmaine Koh is set to take over with beautiful singles like her latest, “Bonfire,” a well-composed masterpiece by the talented vocalist!

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