Ari Fletcher Responds To Hate Over Bringing Her Son To The Club

Prince Williams/Getty Images

Ari claims G Herbo does not ask for their son, and that no one is taking Santana from her.

Many know Ari Fletcher as one of the top influencers on Instagram. After all, with over five million followers, she’s sure to have popped up on your timeline a few times. Nonetheless, aside from being a content creator, the Chicago native is also a mother. She and G Herbo are parents to their, now four-year-old son, Yosohn Santana Wright. 

Their co-parenting relationship has not always been the best. Just recently, the two got into a heated Instagram battle. Back in March, Herbo– who was born Herbert Randall Wright III– made story posts stating that he missed his son and hadn’t seen him in a while. This led to social media users blaming Ari without knowing her reasoning.

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But of course, it didn’t take long for the 26-year-old model to clap back at trolls online. She revealed that her child told her that his father’s girlfriend, Taina Williams, had harmed him. G Herbo and Taina defended themselves, and until a few hours, everything between the family seemed mellow. 

Earlier, Ari jumped on live to discuss something that has been trending for days now. On May 5, videos were posted to Instagram of Ari and her family inside, what looked like to many, a club. Footage showed older women twerking and hookah being smoked as Yosohn played in the background with a balloon.

While some saw this as harmless, others weren’t pleased. One person was so concerned, that they created a petition and titled it, “Give [G Herbo] Full Custody of Yosohn!” In the description, the creator wrote, “… Even Yosohn was at the club! Club filled with hookah smoke, alcohol, Instagram cat, and twerking. That is no environment for Yosohn.”

Initially, Ari didn’t seem too bothered by people down on her parenting skills, but she took to Instagram to address it. “It wasn’t a f*cking club,” she said with a mug on her face. She also added, “Sign that petition, do what you need to do.” 

Ari also insinuated that her baby’s father does not try to see their child anyway. “How you gonna get a petition to voluntarily give my baby to somebody who ain’t even asking for him?”