Antonio Brown Breaks His Silence On NFL Suspension

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Antonio Brown doesn’t seem too worried right now.

Today, Antonio Brown and his teammate Mike Edwards were suspended three games by the NFL and NFLPA after it was revealed that they had faked their vaccination cards, thus deceiving their team and the league. This was a huge deal for the NFL as a whole, and it’s no surprise that the NFLPA stepped in as well since this had to do with player safety at large. 

Despite the suspension, Brown’s lawyer Sean Burstyn came out and said that his client is, indeed, vaccinated and that he did nothing wrong. AB would not be looking to overturn the suspension, however, it was still quite the statement given the recent investigation.

Per Burstyn:

“Mr. Brown is vaccinated and continues to support the vaccine for any person for whom it is appropriate. The NFL made its determination and, instead of going through the drawn out process of challenging the outcome, Mr. Brown wrapped this up promptly and he will make this most of this time by treating an ankle injury. Mr. Brown will be motivated, well rested, and in the best shape of his life when he returns in week 16.”

Now, AB appears to be speaking out on the matter, or, at least he kind of is. Brown is known for being an enigma on social media, and in the aftermath of his suspension, he decided to take to Twitter by saying “AB Arabian” and that’s it. No one knows what he truly means here, but it’s AB, so you have to kind of expect the ambiguity.

Brown’s suspension is a developing story right now, so stay tuned to HNHH for all of the latest updates.