50 Cent Shares Badass Photos From "Expendables 4" & Demands Answers From STARZ

Marcus Ingram/Getty Images

50 Cent shared new photos from “Expendables 4” and threatened to fire whoever was responsible for leaking the new episode of “BMF.”

50 Cent wants answers, and he wants them now. The executive producer of BMF mouthed off against the STARZ network after the latest episode of the series, which was only scheduled to go live next week, was accidentally uploaded on Sunday. The episode, which marks 50’s directorial debut on the show and features a cameo from Eminem, was available for a few hours on the STARZ app before being removed, and Fiddy wants to know why this happened.

This isn’t the first time that he’s been angry with the network, and it has led to him potentially getting enough money together to purchase STARZ outright. Considering he’s almost single-handedly responsible for the network’s growth over the years with shows like Power, the numerous spin-offs, and BMF, it would be nice to see 50 Cent in an ownership role in the future.

He continues to voice his frustration with STARZ, most recently demanding answers from them and asking, “Well who is responsible for the glitch? Tell them to pack their shit up and change the pass codes, Raising Kanan the streets need a body.”

He preceded his posts about BMF by sharing new photos from the set of Expendables 450 was confirmed to be starring in the upcoming film a few months ago, and now we’re getting the first glimpse of him looking like a total badass, posing for photos on top of a military tank. 

“WAR what is it good for, absolutely nothing but n!66a’s keep fronting, fuck it then live like solider and die like solider WAR,” captioned 50 on one of the posts. “Yo this is my Movie everybody else just in it. #expendables4,” he continued. “I’m from South Side we always got something to prove. a lot of people know i’m good at what i do. i’m disciplined, so everybody will know i’m great soon.”

Are you excited to watch 50 Cent in Expendables 4?