50 Cent Instigates Beef Between "Power" Actors Joseph Sikora & Gianni Paolo

Theo Wargo / Staff / Getty Images

Round two of the spat between Joseph and Gianni was sparked today, and Fif chimed with, “Now I never like to start sh*t…”

Things are heating up in the Power Universe and it’s not happening on screen. We’re not sure what caused the division between Power Book II actor Gianni Paolo and Power‘s Joseph Sikora, but a recent exchange on a concert stage prompted a fiery reaction from the former. In the viral video, Paolo greeted several people who embraced him, but when it came to Sikora, things went a little differently. Sikora rejected Paolo’s hand and it was a brief moment that got fans talking.

“You pressed? I would be too,” said Paolo. He added that “some ppl just insecure [shrugging and crying emoji].” Sikora responded to the backlash with an Instagram comment to Hazel-E where he claimed he mended fences with Paolo.

“We saw each other at the hotel afterward and talked,” Sikora wrote. “All good. [thumbs up emoji].” When Paolo saw the response, he fired off a lengthy post about how they were not on good terms. According to him, he confronted Sikora about the awkward moment.

“He’s been doing this sh*t for years when I’ve shown nothing but respect and love,” said Paolo. “He kept just saying he doesn’t f*ck with me. Nothing was resolved. Stop spreading lies cause people are pressing you about your saltiness. I’ve said nothing but amazing things about this dude on the podcast and if you listen to it you know.”

He went on to say that “when Ghost happened everything switched up” and continued to call out his fellow actor. “If you’re gonna try and pretend like sh*t is resolved for social media case you’re mad everybody is asking a 47 year old man is throwing shade at someone who everybody f*cks with then at least do better than that my guy.”

50 Cent was alerted of the drama’s update and added his two cents.

“[Eyeball emoji] oh sh*t, it’s up! [thinking emoji] Now I never like to start sh*t but you should sock him Tommy,” Fif said, referencing Sikora’s Power character, as well as Paolo’s. “Wait I think this little n*gga Brayden got a knife. lol.” Check it all out below.