Picture of Yaqi “Imma Do Me”

YAQI Unveils Behind-the-Scenes Details Of Her Recent Music Video For “Imma Do Me”

Promising musical prodigy, YAQI, has unveiled her highly anticipated visual marvel, an exquisite complement to her latest track, “Imma Do Me.” With an irresistible charm that sparks curiosity, this singer has effortlessly captured the hearts of listeners worldwide, solidifying her position as one of the most gifted up-and-coming artists. In a recent revelation, she offered valuable glimpses into the creation of the visuals, providing a breakdown of the artistic journey.

The video shines a spotlight on the significance of self-acceptance, mirroring YAQI’s fundamental values. In her own words, she elaborates: “Self-acceptance means disregarding the opinions and criticisms of others and staying true to myself, regardless of what others say. It’s about not allowing judgment, or criticism to affect me. Reaching this level of self-acceptance is a lifelong journey that requires constant learning and growth. It’s about distinguishing between genuine advice from like minded individuals and discerning it from mere judgment.”

The artist explains: “From the very beginning, the director and I discussed our vision for the music video. As someone with a background in acting, I always approach it by crafting a compelling character. For the character YAQI, I envisioned her as fearless, dangerous, feisty, and sexy. We brainstormed how to incorporate different elements to make her stand out. Personally, I have an affinity for guns and sports cars, so I suggested incorporating guns into the video.”

YAQI adds: “But the director had concerns about the potential negative interpretations of violence or war. Still, I firmly believe that using a gun in the video was about developing the character and not promoting violence. After releasing the music video, I received a call from a friend who criticized my gun use, claiming it propagated violence in the world. In this particular situation, self-acceptance prompts me to ask myself honestly if I harbor any malicious motives. If the answer is no, then there is no need for me to justify myself to others.”

“Similar to the character YAQI in the music video, she displays actions of physically confronting her unfaithful boyfriend, shooting him in a strip club, and even setting his car on fire. Whether these events are based on reality or exist solely within her imagination is inconsequential. What truly matters is how we respond to the individuals we interact with in our everyday lives, address the challenges that surround us, and try hard to finish our daily work and get closer day by day to our dream,” reveals the talented singer.

Through “Imma Do Me,” YAQI ignites a profound sense of inspiration within her listeners, encouraging them to embrace their authentic selves and unearth the limitless potential that lies within. Her personal path to self-discovery acts as a potent catalyst for aspiring dreamers, empowering them to fearlessly embark on their own journey of inner strength and growth.

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