Warren G Rejected Tupac Collab After Chain-Snatching Incident With Suge Knight

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Staff / Getty Images

After having a confrontation with Suge and his goons where Warren’s chain was taken, the California rapper told Tupac he wasn’t returning to that studio.

The music industry is riddled with Suge Knight tales and those who managed to survive their ordeals have been telling their stories for decades. Suge was a commanding authority in the industry during Rap’s Golden Era that is hailed as the genre’s best. Many who interacted with Suge know just what kind of mover and shaker he was back then, and often, Knight would reportedly resort to downright violence in order to have his way.

Warren G had front-row seats to all of the behind-the-scenes moments, and while chatting on Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson, he detailed why he once rejected a Tupac Shakur collaboration. Tyson asked the rapper if there was anyone who ever blocked him from seeing Tupac. “We didn’t get a chance to link up after he got out—actually, I seen him one time when he got out.”

Warren G
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“We was in the House of Blues and he hugged me like, ‘Warren!’ We was huggin’ for a lil’ bit and then he hit me a few days after that and he was telling me let’s get in the studio, I’ma book some time. But a certain situation had happened right before that to where I was like, you know what, I’m not gettin’ ready to be—I’m not gon go out and you know, I ain’t just ready to step out there.”

He explained that Tupac was unaware that when Warren, Snoop Dogg, and others were in the studio, Suge Knight sent some of his goons to have a conversation. Warren G agreed to speak with them, so he didn’t think anything of it, but they soon said it was Suge who wanted to talk. He met Suge in an area known as the Red Room, and it was then that another man showed up and began confronting Warren G about rumors he heard.

“‘Blood, you told these b*tches you was gon’ kill me,'” Warren recalled the man saying to him. “I knew it was bullsh*t when the motherf*cka said something about some b*tches saying I was trying to get at you. I don’t know why they was trippin’, but they was trippin’.” He denied the allegations but the man was still upset, and after the man had a brief verbal exchange with Suge, he snatched Warren G‘s chain.

The rapper said he “had a glock on” him at the time. “I ain’t gon’ lie, I wanted to pull [it] out and start bussin’, but I had to think because it was a bunch of dudes right here outside of the door, buncha police that was workin’ at the same time around that time, so I was in a f*cked up situation.”

A friend created a diversion so Warren was able to make a swift exit, but another friend of the rapper created a firestorm until that chain was returned. Son after, Tupac called him up to get in the studio—the same studio where the incident had just occurred. G rejected his offer and told Pac that he would book the location, but they never linked up.

Warren G also revealed that he was ready to bail Tupac out of jail but someone beat him to the punch. Check out the story below.