Tyron Woodley Disses Tommy Fury Ahead Of Jake Paul Fight

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Woodley doesn’t think too highly of the younger Fury brother.

Tyron Woodley is going up against Jake Paul this Saturday as he will look to avenge his loss from this past August. Jake was originally going to fight Tommy Fury, who dropped out due to a rib injury and a chest infection. As you can imagine, Woodley is very excited about this fight, and as he told TMZ, he is a much better matchup than Fury was.

“Nobody wants to see no f***ing Tommy Fury fight, come on now,” Woodley said. “Now his brother is lit. But, he can’t ride the coattails of Tyson.”

Tyron Woodley

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Woodley went on to diss Fury further as he was asked whether or not he is a tougher opponent. This led to a mini rant about how Jake Paul was ducking the smoke, and that he chose Fury because he knew he would lose to Woodley if they fought for a second time.

“Of course I am, s***. That’s why he took [the Fury] fight instead,” Woodley said. “He made a double wager and then didn’t honor it because s***, why would he go back and give me the chance to finish off what I started now that I’ve been in there with him.”

Now, Paul will have a chance to prove Woodley wrong, all while Tyron has an opportunity to force a trilogy match, with a win. It should make for an entertaining duel, and it all goes down in Tampa Bay. Let us know who you think will win, in the comments below.

Jake Paul & Tyron Woodley

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